Message from his holiness

SJBCON Prinicpal

The last few decades have seen the advancement of medical science like never before in human history. Medical problems and diseases that were hitherto considered incurable are today being conquered by the combination of medical skills and technology. While modern life has brought about an increase in lifestyle diseases there has also been corresponding growth in the ability to deal with them.

The Indian healthcare scenario too has seen a dramatic change over the recent few years. While the Govt, and related agencies have focussed their efforts in providing primary health care, there is a recognition that secondary and tertiary care cannot be ignored. Private health care organisations with charitable institutions have played a leading role in plugging this gap with nursing & medical institutions and facilities that provide specialised service to those in need of them.

BGS Global Hospitals at Bangalore, a Multi Speciality and organ transplant unit is a prime example of how such joint efforts bring sophisticated healthcare closer to those who seek it.

Further, Medical education, Nursing education & Para medical education has undergone a considerable changes over the last couple of decades and newer technologies are fast replacing conventional modes of teaching. All of us are aware of the major constraints faced by the Medical colleges and Nursing colleges in the country towards providing standardized and quality education, as the technology progress the Medical Speciality Services increased for a better edge to treat the patient. But the country is facing an acute shortage of trained technologies and nurses who can operate these latest equipments, participate in all medical emergencies from Operation Theatre, ICU, Dialysis to Radiology, Laboratory, Medical Records Sciences, Oncology Care, Gynecology, Pediatric & Surgical.

SJB College of Nursing has been founded to train the students in all fields of Medical technologies and become a professional partner to the doctors community in treating the patients.

His Holiness
Padma Bhushana Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Dr. Balagangadharanatha Swamiji

President, Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust