Our Vision

To Grow beyond leaps & bounds as an Institute of par excellence in the arena of professional education developing human resources of high caliber with sound character.

Aims & Aspirations

  • To pursuit excellence in Nursing towards serving the needy.
  • To pursuit excellence in treating and caring the patients.
  • To pursuit professionalism and to meet all medical emergencies in saving valuable lives.
  • To pursuit excellence in studies, sport, co-curricular activities and personality development.
  • To develop self-reliance, courage, self-confidence and self esteem.
  • To bring about total transformation in a student towards physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social aesthetic and creative fulfillment.
  • To encourage the students to develop a desire for life long learning.
  • To develop independentthinking, thoughtful decision making and critical analysis.
  • Promoting human values and service to the mankind with tender loving care.

Objectives of the College

  • To provide a balance in professional and general education and to enable a student to become a professional nurse practitioner who has self direction and a responsible citizen.
  • Graduates of this programme are prepared for beginning level positions in community and institutions of nursing services and have the foundation for continuing professional development and for post-graduate study in nursing.
  • Through planned guided experience, students are provided with opportunities to develop.
  • A broad concept of the fundamental principles of nursing care based on sound knowledge and satisfactory level skill in providing care to people of all ages in a community or an institutional setting.
  • Understanding the application of principles for assuring health status.
  • Ability to investigate health care problem systematically.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with members of allied disciplines towards attaining optimum health for all the members of the society.
  • Understanding the principles of teaching and their application in their work situation.
  • Ability to assume responsibilities for continuing, learning and for increasing competence in nursing practice.
  • Appreciation of professional attitudes necessary for leadership roles in nursing.
  • Appreciation of social and ethical obligations to society.